Dana Wilcher Art

Original Paintings

Each original painting is truly one of a kind. The special part about these paintings is that they hold all of the energy from the channel they were created in; this means they are extremely charged, their energy can be felt from across the room. These paintings go through a series of blessings with tobacco, sage, copal, and rose, and they truly hold prayerful intention in each stroke. I use only the finest materials: high quality oil paint and natural, non-toxic solvents, a gallery wrapped, 1.5″ thick canvas stretcher, and wire hanging equipment pre-installed on the back. You will also receive a laminated, hand- signed description of the painting to mount on the wall next to your artwork. There is only one original of the painting that you love in existence, so reserve yours before it’s gone for good! Free shipping on all orders.

* Please note that I hold full design rights to all original artwork, and replications of the work will remain widely available per my discretion. Thank you for being here! Happy shopping!

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