Dana Wilcher Art

One Mask Fits All

You are all of creation, you are god in the highest essence.
You are every sound that you hear around you- the crickets in the night, the cars on the street, every being that has ever walked the earth.
You are the glittering stars in the sky
You are the heartbeat of the planet
You are every human that has ever lived and ever will live.
You hold within you the secrets of existence
The wisdom of the angels and all sentient beings in this galaxy and beyond.
You are the divine mother and father, the fire, the wind, the asteroids whirling through space.
Close your eyes and you will see, in one explosion of light and matter you were created, and at the same timeā€¦ you were the creator.
You are passing through earth in a dance of masquerade.
Wearing masks that the god within you created.
You are perfection
The time has come now to remember who you are. You wear this mask and you feel its weight, you hear the cry of the earth as she beckons you to awaken.

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