Dana Wilcher Art

She Breaks These Chains

She lies at the feet of her Higher Self
she has seen great suffering in this life
she has known the pain of abuse –
her body has been claimed by those who are unconscious in their own pain.
Her innocence stripped away
her sacred vessel beaten and bruised
she falls into a deep sleep in a bed of roses.
There is more to her you see,
there is an unbreakable spirit within her
an essence that rises from the ashes and visits her in her darkest hour
it is her, as she truly is
a Goddess of strength and empowerment.
As the Goddess rises, she surrenders
her true form emerges
she grasps the shackles that chain her to the bed
and in a momentous sweep of light She Breaks These Chains
lightening erupts as a cycle is broken,
her voice rises through the mists of time as she states with conviction:
“This ends with me.”
Her sister and grandmothers of past and future swirl around her,
blessing her with their wisdom and strength
they are also set free by her courage.
A cycle has ended, karma releases, and she sets herself free
she sets all women in her lineage free
the dark seeds of abuse dissolve into light to be forever healed from her Ancestry.
The Goddess rises –
She Breaks These Chains
Once, and for all

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