Dana Wilcher Art


I still remember the look in her eyes as she stared at the bubbles floating through the air.
“Watch this” I said, and took out a long thin wand, dipped it in a soapy solution, and blew bubbles for the kids, who immediately started to jump in circles and see how many they could pop. One of which was a little girl with pigtails and glacier blue eyes. Barely old enough to walk, she stumbled around, braced herself with her hands, then stared up at the bubbles in complete amazement. Her mouth dropped open, her eyes got wide, and I realized in that moment that it didn’t matter if she was on the back patio of a daycare or watching those bubbles float through space, she would have had the exact same expression. My mind was immediately transported to a vision of this little girl sitting in a nebula in space surrounded by stars and planets, watching the bubbles float by just as they had that day. It took me a moment to gather my thoughts (I entered into full artist mode) and when I glanced back down, this blue eyed little girl waddled off, ready to explore the next source of amazement. At the time, this little being had only been on the earth for around 20 months… With just one look, she taught me all I will ever need to know about seeing the wonder in everything.

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