Dana Wilcher Art

She Rises

She steps forward from the flames, the goddess of rebirth and resurrection.

There is a wildfire behind her, and within her

She is Christ Consciousness embodied as a Woman

She is the Wisdom Keeper, the Priestess, the Mother

She is the Earth Herself

She does not fear her destruction, she embraces it

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes she is reborn time and time again,
nurturing her inner child with her own life-giving essence.

We see the cycles of the natural world playing out around her;
as chaos erupts and flames destroy all in its path, there soon follows the kiss of death –

Ultimate stillness, quiet surrender.

From this sacred pause new life flourishes from the once barren land

Green grass and flowers emerge more vibrant than ever before,

A butterfly floats into her uncharted future, symbolizing the cyclical transformation of life

The way is clear, the water at her feet reflects the fire, yet remains untouched by it…

She channels the mysteries of the cosmos through her hand as her feet remain firmly planted on the earth.

In one moment she is destroyed, and the next;

She Rises

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