Dana Wilcher Art

Shamanic Initiation

She breathes to the drum beat of her healing;

— in,

and out.

Slowly, as she feels into the depths of her emotion and her mortal complexity,

she witnesses all that has shaped her, and all that she has shaped herself to be.

A profound beauty lives here —

as well as pain, falsity, illusions that are transformed only with loving kindness…

she whispers into all the parts of her that are afraid:

“I love you, you are safe.”

These hidden aspects are seen, they lay to rest, they emerge from the chrysalis and take flight in divine celebration of her evolution.

Through the night and into the day,

she holds a ceremony for herself.

Her guides and allies are with her as she faces her darkness

they blow smoke into the areas of stagnation,

and invite her to open.

The animal kingdom lends her their strength and higher perspective;

Eagle, condor, bear, wolf, lion –

it is they who are wise.

The plant intelligences illuminate her with their sight;

for they have come to teach us of the natural world,

the sublime beauty of death and resurrection.

She holds a ceremony for herself

each time she breathes

— in,

and out.

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