Dana Wilcher Art

The Call

Oil On Canvas
30 x 40
She is one with the fire; she burns with her own light.
She is the embodiment of the sacred feminine elements of creativity, sensuality, softness, play;
she is an aspect of the feminine force that exists within all of us, in one form or another.
Over her arm is draped her soul’s contract, which holds all of the agreements for her experience here on earth
it details all  known instruction for how she is to proceed forward in this life, accessed intrinsically and instinctually as she expresses herself
she looks down at the grand altar of the earth, and contemplates her role in creation
This altar, so meticulously crafted by the elements and the traditions of people and spirit, long long ago
the bones of our civilization
she knows accepting her mission means to live as an expression of her passions
and her work is ultimately for the highest healing of the earth, of our beautiful mother.
She receives a breath of activation from her guide,
and answers her soul’s mission to bring light to the world through the instruments of her creativity–
So she reaches for her paint brushes
which could very well be song, writing, an instrument;
and she prepares to go about her work in this life as an artist.
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