Dana Wilcher Art

Shadow Dance

She dances with herself;

in a moment of darkness as the moon eclipses the sun,

there is a part of her that is bursting with life, light, and beauty; the radiance of a woman in love with all parts of herself.

This is only half the picture you see,

as she moves with the wind she conjures her shadow-self into form,

and the woman that appears is opposite to her in every way.

A great heaviness haunts her; she is made of sadness, anger, shame, guilt, fear, and despair…

she is perfect in every way.

Beautiful in her darkness,

a flawless contrast to the light.

While one aspect of her holds a rose bursting with life, the other holds a rose dried and cracked with age and death.

One wears a crown of flowers, the other a crown of thorns.

One breathes life into her own breaking heart, the other exhales a breath of transmutation and release.

She is healing, illuminating her darkness, and in the transient moment that day turns to night and her inner world is cast with shadow;

She dances with all parts of herself.

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