Dana Wilcher Art


Clasped tightly in the hands of the known, we experience the light of a shift in humanity, an incredible transition we can not consciously decipher in our minds but in the truest essence of feeling… We come to the realization of our higher selves. In that shift grows a light of consciousness, seeded with a myriad of values we have come to define and experience in mere glimpses on the physical plane, however that which we have the eternal power of holding in our own hands. The power of love, life, happiness, and the divine. In our past is all that we have known, a universe that has neither destroyed unto itself or manifested before our eyes, it has been, just as it always will be… However we are beginning to realize that it is within each of us, the light of consciousness. As it appears to float and manifest to the dimension of our own being, we are able to recognize the divine essence in the core of ourselves, or, who we thought we were. And in this shift the possibilities are only limited by the boundaries of our mind, which, once broken, can lead to the beautiful and miraculous unity of body and soul… And the window is there, and always will be there, the moment we loose track of time and chose to discover the beauty, complexity, and the silent sacredness of simply listening.

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