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The first concept for this series came to me a little over a year ago.

I was moving through a deep season of my Plant Medicine Study, and I was on an accelerated track of inner work, trauma healing, and exploring my creative channel.
During an Ayahuasca ceremony, the vision of the first painting Feminine Initiation came to me; it sort of downloaded into my psyche like a bolt of lightening, and the information that followed it was this:
“This will be the first of 12 paintings in a series.”
I remember feeling somewhat floored at the vivid imagery of the painting that had imprinted its way into my mind, and also the full impact of the instructions that I had received to bring this series to life.
I decided then that I was committed to the series, and I began searching within myself to find it.
One by one the visions of the paintings found their way to me, and up to this point I have the complete sketches for 9 of the 12 paintings.
The last 3 are still a mystery to me.
The title of the series was a deep aspect of this body of work that took its time to find me. For months I played around with lots of different word combinations and ideas, discovering the focus and direction of the work.
The end result boiled down to two words:
Sacred Initiations
Sacred pertaining to the holy, the consecrated, the divine…
Initiations, meaning the beginning, the start of something new.
The start of a series of sacred rights that I am passing through within myself.
Another deep focus of this series relates to feminine embodiment and empowerment; each of these paintings depicts archetypal aspects of Feminine energy interacting with a different emotional / psychological theme, they are the archetypes which I am finding within myself: the priestess, the medicine woman, the creatrix, and so on…
It is time for the sacred feminine to be expressed, and to rise in her life-giving, healing waters. The earth needs us to wake up and embrace her, and to do that, we must embrace the feminine qualities within ourselves. This series aims to raise consciousness around the sacred feminine and healing work.
I expect that the completion of this body of work will not arrive until late 2023 or even early 2024, and I am so profoundly excited to see how it evolves and expands…
Thank you dear reader for joining me in this journey, all of your support, kind words, and friendship means the world to me.
Until next time,

About Dana

About Dana

Dana Wilcher is an intuitive visionary artist who specializes in paintings encrypted with light code activations, and is a channel for high vibration beings seeking to assist the planet in our collective global ascension. She has evolved her artwork to serve as a conduit for spirit, helping to heal all those who are drawn to the awakening path.

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