Dana Wilcher Art

“Passing Through”


She passes through herself. As she passes through she experiences her own shadow, the weight of her karma and her life (all lives) as a human. She has grieved, screamed, and forgotten who she was. She abandoned her power to voices that sought to speak louder-
she does not yell to be heard, she whispers. The whispers carry through the wind and spark currents of awakening.

Portals open all around her now, and she passes through them with reverence and grace.
She is the goddess within
The master of her path.
She is birthed from the stars and has journeyed to the darkest corners of existence, gathering the gems of wisdom that fill her with light and in turn light the way for others.
She is intuition, the moon, space in its totality of emptiness and fulness, she herself is God’s portal.

She passes beyond herself. She flows like water through the higher realms, working together with all beings, those of light and otherworldly magic. She returns to her beloved earth, the earth that commissioned her for her message. She lifts her face towards the light and sheds a tear. She cries for humanity, all pain that has ever been felt and ever will be felt. She cries for the beauty that awaits the new earth. She is lifted by visions of her brothers and sisters dancing in the light, she feels their freedom and bliss and wishes to join them now.
She passes through gently. Through the pain, through the ascension, through herself.


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