Dana Wilcher Art

“Light Code Reprogramming”


Light codes stream in from the moon.

The moon acts as a divine portal, shining fifth dimensional activation down to the earth, infusing every cell in the goddess’s body.

She kneels down in a glowing pool, only nature surrounds her. She feels the serpent mother rising from the water and coiling up her spine, clearing the way for all energies of the new earth. The sacred symbols that shine down from the moon are impregnated with awakening activation, they are sent from the Pleiades, the Angelic realm, and from the source of all love and creation.

These codes seek to rewrite our human DNA, replacing all dense lower vibrational patterning with that of fifth dimensional energy. Love, unity consciousness, telepathy, awakening, complete liberation, a new paradigm of social, economic, and political affairs- a complete global upgrade.

The serpent rises within her and she stretches up towards the moon to receive the codes. They stream in through her body, scattering and replacing her cells, beautiful ripe messages form within her psyche and root deep within her subconscious mind, they are to be released slowly and gracefully.


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