Dana Wilcher Art



There was this feeling in her chest, it was distant, aching, and cold. Surrounding it was a layer of anger. When it felt like everything was slipping away, anger was there, it was too hot to touch but in a way it was something to hold onto. It all became very heavy, and she realized she had to let it go or it would drag her down with it.

She tenderly felt into her heart and allowed the emotion to flow. It was a deep midnight blue and it swelled from the deepest part of her. As she surrendered the last of her control, it broke like a wave and the blue energy transformed into beautiful indigo flowers that filled her chest and spilled out before her.

She witnessed this energy flow, transform, and release over and over again until it was nothing but pure white and green light. There was nothing more beautiful in that moment than experiencing the transcendence of her pain.


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