Dana Wilcher Art

“Lemurian Activation”


A message from the ancient Lemurian guide in this painting:

“As we raise into a new level of consciousness, a new direction for humanity, the old foundations are crumbling.

This may feel like the ground is moving from beneath your feet. But the Universe is asking you to see now that the ground is being replaced with the clouds, and the clouds are guiding you to a new level within yourself. Remember that you are always supported and loved very deeply.

Feelings of fear, ungroundedness, and confusion are normal and expected at this time. Although you cannot see through the clouds, trust that they are leading you to the new earth. In this very moment dear one, a reality is forming in which ancient knowledge is integrated with the collective. Every day, more and more people are remembering who they are and the ancient origins of their heritage, ancestry, and DNA.

More people are realizing their beauty, their worth, falling in love with themselves, deciding to heal their trauma and in doing so, heal the planet. This year, and in the coming years to follow, an unprecedented amount of people will understand their soul’s purpose on the earth, and will step forward to usher in the light.

Do not fear the unknown, do not fear the crumbling of the system. This only means that the right pieces are falling into place.”


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