Dana Wilcher Art

“Father Time”


He is the Sacred Father
The Father of Time
He is the energy of the sun, the desert, the fire
He is the spirit of the plants; Huachuma, Petoté
He is a spirit of the wind and the birds, he holds keys to ancient wisdom
He is Christ consciousness expressed as man, through man
He heals the earth with his love, safety, protection
Rewriting patterns of ancestral pain acted out in his image
He calls on the energy of the Lynx;
He holds her in her infinite wisdom
& as the moon shines down upon her…
Her waters pour into flight
Sacred balance, man’s ability to connect to the feminine
He holds this polarity in great reverence, and he speaks his message to the earth;
Take to your wings and soar good people,
Open a world within you
Find me, come to know me —
I am you


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