18 x 24 | Oil on Canvas

As we dropped into a deep Vision space, the beautiful goddess emerged into the clearing. The scent of roses wafting around her, white and shimmering blue light emanating from her form. As she approached I felt a sense of courage, empowerment, and deep inner knowing. She holds the energy of a medicine woman, a sage, a wise serpent, and a high priestess of the light and dark. It was apparent to me by the gems and symbols decorating her body that her soul is particularly trained in Wiccan mysticism and magic.

She gently raised her hand beside her and a brilliant blue butterfly took flight, a symbol of her freedom, her individualism in bloom, and her soul’s mission to bring God’s light to the earth. Her eyes shone with the purest essence of God, a fragment of source expressing itself in the form of her higher self, guiding her home, reminding her what (and who) she is truly made of.

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