The Mist


Oil on Canvas | 36 x 48

She emerges from the mist
Fueled by the fires of darkness and chaos.
Perfect clarity —
She rises now.
The world is on fire
Voices reverberate through empty space,
They preach of rising tensions and the battle between nations.
The goddess within rests in the truth.
The truth is that the light has won, a new decade has been birthed in peace.
She steps into the higher realms,
The space in which all beauty and majesty resides.
She invites the grace of god to enter
Angels and beings of light guide her into the fifth dimension.
It is not a place without but within—
She journeys through herself to find it.
The earth around her opens into a manifestation of her inner awakening.
She becomes the earth
She melts into the rivers and the mountains,
She will revive the forests and create sanctuary in the trees.

The light has won

The goddess is rising.

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