Skeletal Study


Charcoal on Primed Paper

This piece is just as much a technical exploration as it is an emotional one. Based on an incredible photograph by Lee Jeffries, this was my creative resolve to the prompt: depict an interior and exterior view of the body in one cohesive piece.

I was overwhelmed by the emotion that Jeffries captured of this woman, something in me deeply related to her expression of anguish, awe, and a desperate hopefulness- it brought me back to a time when drawing and painting emotive portraits such as this one was my way to survive. Now, years later, I am revisiting these deeply emotional works of art from a place of reverence and respect for the emotional wounds I have survived, and giving life to the most vulnerable, raw, and aching parts of who I am. I am honoring these parts as deeply beautiful and transformational, making them visible for the world to see, breathing light and awareness into them, and through the act of being completely present with my art, connecting completely to the intensity of my emotional experience being human.

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