Sirian Activation


18 x 24 | Oil on Canvas

This commission was a mystical experience for me. As I tuned into my client, I could immediately feel the presence of healing blue and green energy surrounding him. He told me that the guide he wanted me to paint was a being from the star Sirius. I focused on clearing my mind and connecting with his guide, and this is the scene that unfolded before me:

At first I saw shimmering silver, violet, and blue-green energy. Then the shape of an elegant humanoid-being began to materialize, and the scene around him melted into that of a deep ocean. He extended one hand up towards Sirius gathering cosmic light, and the other hand outstretched, radiating this healing energy towards me. The light codes in the background hold the energy of ancient Sirian Wisdom, and staring at these sacred symbols imbues your cells with light activation and reawakens dormant aspects of your DNA and soul ancestry, particularly as it relates to your connection with Sirius. I absorbed the gentle healing light, took a mental screenshot of the vision, and graciously thanked this being for appearing to me so vividly.

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