Oil on un-stretched Canvas | 29.5 x 39.5 

I release all that no longer serves me. Sitting cross legged on the floor I begin to sink in. I feel the weight and the support of the surface beneath me. I breathe into the base of my body and allow light to spark there~ it sparks the growth of roots, and also creates an electric channel running up my spine. I begin to breathe, move, the energy of the low, pulsating music and my own breath twisting like a serpent and passing in waves up my body. I visualize beautiful glowing fire energy rising from the earth and spinning through my body and my auric field, burning away all old, stuck, and stagnant energy. I see pockets of emotional tension and trauma memory from this lifetime and previous that have stored in my cells rising and evaporating with my awareness. I focus on the inner eye and the energy of my heart, surrendering to the fire that whirls and cleanses my emotional, physical, psychic, and energetic body. I draw new shimmering energy down from source and channel it into my newly cleansed cells, I imbue this energy with love, vitality, divine guidance, and protection.

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