I Am You


Oil on Canvas

I will travel across time for you.
You will feel me in your darkest hour, and I can feel you too.
I can feel your hopelessness, your despair, the sadness that envelops you and paints the world blue.
I am here with you darling.
I know you can feel me, I know you can sense my presence. You think that I am an angel, an entity outside of yourself, but the truth is- I am you.
I am you who has healed.
I am you who has chosen to live.
I am you who seeks the light.
Share with me your story and I will give it a voice- you will be seen, heard, and loved more deeply than you have ever been before.

In time your prison will transform into a window and you will step through it.
The world will be a melody of sounds all new to you, you will feel freedom and purpose pulsing through your entire being and you will ask yourself how much more beautiful life can possibly become.

But for now, feel me as I heal with you. Know that I will be with you until you step through the window to the rest of your life.

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