Changing Seasons


Oil on Canvas | 18 x 24

There she stands, tall and strong, with the light of the sun glowing behind her. Her emotions can never be captured in a single expression- all at once she experiences the warmth and joy of day, and the deep, cool shadows of night. Her gaze falls upon a space that is without time, she rests here in harmony with all stages of her life. Color surrounds her, but she herself is every shade in between black and white; she simply exists in perfect balance with color. In her hands she holds roses. Each of them are plucked from the deepest parts of her soul. She holds them to her heart as a totem of her struggle and her triumph- the years of hopeless bitter cold that froze her smile and suspended her in time, the sunrises to follow that would melt the ice from her skin and remind her yet again what it feels like to be full of life. She conjures the roses into form and loves them just as a mother loves her child. Some of the roses have wilted and dried, some have lost their petals, and some glow with a vibrancy and exuberance that she knows is her deep love of life, in all of its shapes and colors. She loves the roses that have weathered with time just as she loves the ones that sparkle with tender newness... all of them have grown through her changing seasons, and all are beautiful.

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