Ancestral Goddess


11 x 14 | Acrylic on Canvas 

Our generation is faced with an incredibly great challenge, and that challenge is to heal. As I sat down to paint, a wave of emotion came over me. My eyes began to water and my hands started to create the portrait of a woman, the ancestral goddess. She is the sadness and anger of suppression-- she is the product of centuries of an imbalanced masculine and feminine energy on earth. She is the prayer in the middle of the night through weary eyes and clasped fingers. She is the voice beneath a veil as thin and fragile as butterfly wings that somehow manages to keep her trapped. She is the goddess within us all that is rising from the silence. As we heal ourselves, this energy rises up into the collective to uplift and inspire others. In reconnecting our intention towards our emotions and the true calling within our hearts we inadvertently connect to the divine feminine energy on earth, and catalyze healing within our own being that ripples through the collective.

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